Web control for your conference call

The web control for your conference call is just one of the free additional features that you can use with easyAudio. All features are available to you for free in the easyAudio customer portal </ strong>.

Web control of your conferences

From now on, it will be easy for you as the moderator to keep track of the participants in your conference call. The new web control gives you a visual representation of the conference room online. There you can see all participants of your conference and can control them with a mouse click:

  • Place participants in a waiting room or let them actively participate in the conference again
  • Switch microphone on/off for individual participants
  • Presentation mode: Mute all participants at once
  • Disconnect telephone connection of individual participants
  • Lock conference room

Just log into the customer portal to start the conference call. Click on the appropriate conference room to access the conference control submenu. There you can comfortably control the conference online.

Recording your
conference call

Your conference calls can be recorded with easyAudio with immediate effect. This allows the content to be documented and made available for later retrieval. For reasons of data protection, an announcement is made for all participants before the start of the recording. Recording is started by mouse click in the customer portal.

These are available after the conference as an mp3 file for download. The recording and the download are free.

Activate your access to the easyAudio customer portal now.

The customer portal is available to all easyAudio customers throughout Europe - free of charge, of course. Prior to the first use, a one-time registration will be made for the customer portal that verifies the moderator's access. The customer portal is only available to customers who use a permanent conference room.
Activate The customer portal in German and in English.

Customizing your conference room settings

Have you always wanted to change the welcome language for your participants? Or switch off the recording of the name announcement at the beginning of the conference? In the customer portal, you can now adjust the settings for your conference room yourself:

  • Choose conference language (German, English, French, Spanish)
  • Start-Modus der Konferenz anpassen (Sicherheits- oder Präsentationsmodus)Individualise your conference’s starting mode (presentation or security)
  • Change beep when participants enter and exit
  • Switch name recording on/off
  • and more

Online conference statistics

You get online insight into the usage statistics of your conference rooms. Here you can see the use of the past 12 months – as a complete overview or for individual rooms.

The usage data will be visually prepared for you in the customer portal. You can also save the data as a csv file for further analysis