International conference calling

These days it is not only big companies which operate on an international scale – small and medium-sized companies also work with customers and associates from a wide variety of other countries. It is all the more important, then, that your conference call provider supports you in your international business.

easyAudio: ideal for international conference calling

easyAudio offers international dial-in numbers, which provides you with the opportunity to hold conference calls from different countries.


A summary of the international dial-in numbers

easyAudio offers you the following dial-in numbers for the following countries:

01803 70 10 70

9 ct/min from German landlines, max. 42 ct/min from German mobile networks

0848 560 360

CHF 0.08 per minute per participant from Swiss landlines; prices from mobile networks may vary

0820 4011 5455

Dial-in number from Austrian landlines, 11,6 ct/min per participant

0900 030 105

Dial-in number from Austrian mobile networks, 22 ct/min per participant

0844 63 50 034

5 p/min per participant from UK landlines

0821 37 37 37

9 ct/min per participant from French networks

conference calling

easyAudio is designed to facilitate international conference calling:

The automated messages for participants are in English for participants dialling in using the UK telephone numbers, or in German for those dialling in using the German, Austrian or Swiss numbers. The automated messages for the French number is French.

Worldwide dial-in numbers

easyAudio currently offers dial-in numbers from other countries within Europe (see above).

meetyoo will be happy to connect your global conference calls for you. meetyoo is also the provider of easyAudio. With meetyoo, your conference participants can dial in from over 50 countries using local rate or freephone (free for the caller) numbers.