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With easyAudio, you can plan and conduct your conference calls in three simple steps – simply thanks to your personal conference PIN

1. Request conference PIN

With easyAudio, you will receive the access data for your telephone conference at the click of a mouse. With the access data you can immediately start your conference call with up to 20 participants.

2. Invite participants

Tell your participants the date for your conference call, the conference PIN and the dial-in number(s). Tip: Use the practical invitation help from easyAudio for this.

3. Dial in & Conference

Give your participants your conference call’s date and time, the conference PIN and the dial-in number(s). Tip: Use the convenient invitation assistent provided by easyAudio.

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The most important questions clarified quickly

How often can I use the conference PIN?

The PIN for a one-time conference is valid for 72 hours. You can hold as many conferences as you like during this period. There is no time limit for a permanent conference PIN. In this case, the conference and moderator PIN are unlimited.

Of course, you can always request a new PIN. You also have the option to set up a new (or additional) permanent conference room.

How can I organise my conference call?

Once you have received your conference PIN, you can begin inviting participants to your conference. To do so, you will simply have to communicate your call’s time and date, the conference PIN and the matching dial-in numbers. The conference PIN ensures that all participants are rooted to the same conference.

easyAudio offers a free invitation assistent. This will give you an easy and quick email template you can send to your conference participants.

How do I moderate a telephone conference?

For the free setup of a fixed conference room, you will receive a moderator PIN in addition to a conference PIN. With the Moderator PIN, you can identify yourself as a moderator when dialing into your conference call. This provides you with some additional control features that you can execute from your telephone keypad:

# 1 Retrieve participant names: Plays all recorded names of the participants

# 2 Number of participants: Number of participants in the current conference

## End conference: Immediately terminate the conference call for all participants

* 5 Lock / Unlock Conference Room: Prevents additional participants from entering the conference room – even with the correct PIN

* 7 Power on / off Presentation mode: All other conference participants are muted; Press * 7 again to return to normal mode

Important note: For security reasons, the conference call does not start until the moderator has dialed in. Until then, the other participants hear music on hold.

How can I use a web conference?

Our web-based tool allows you to share content online in parallel to your conference call. In addition, you can invite your participants directly from the tool and give them the presenter role.

Can I hold easyAudio conferences via mobile phone?

Participation in mobile networks is of course possible with easyAudio.

For Austria, a separate dial-in number is available for mobile users, with costs of 22 cents / min.

An overview of all international dial-in numbers and costs can be found under Costs & Billing.

Can participants from abroad also participate?

In addition to Great Britain, participation in an easyAudio conference call is also possible from Austria, Switzerland, Germany, France and Spain.

An overview of all international dial-in numbers and costs can be found under Costs & Billing.

easyAudio International

easyAudio provides you with international dial-in numbers. This gives you the opportunity to conduct your conference calls from different countries and to invite conference delegates from abroad.

Your advantage: Even from abroad, your conference participants have access to convenient service numbers for dialing into the telephone conference. The conference PIN is identical for all participants, regardless of the country in which you dial.

Further information

01803 70 10 70

9 ct/min from German landlines, max. 42 ct/min from German mobile networks

0848 560 360

CHF 0.08 per minute per participant from Swiss landlines; prices from mobile networks may vary

0820 4011 5455

Dial-in number from Austrian landlines, 11,6 ct/min per participant

0900 030 105

Dial-in number from Austrian mobile networks, 22 ct/min per participant

0844 63 50 034

5 p/min per participant from UK landlines

0821 37 37 37

9 ct/min per participant from French networks

902 686 127

8.5 ct/min plus 12 ct/setup per call per participant from Spanisch networks