Start your conference call quickly and easily with easyAudio

Conference calling for up to 20 participants for 5 p/min. Charging by the minute and no set-up or subscription fees.

Request your free conference PIN

Click on the “Get permanent conference PIN” button and enter your name
and e-mail address. You will immediately be sent an e-mail with
your personal conference PIN number.

  • FREE conference PIN
  • No time limit to the use of your conference call room
  • Additional security with a moderator PIN
  • New: online conference control
  • New: recording of your conference call

Dial in and start the conference

Notify the conference call participants of the date and time of the meeting, the dial-in number and the conference PIN.

At the agreed time, all the participants will call in from the specified telephone numbers and enter the conference PIN when requested
to do so. Using the conference PIN for quick start-up you will all immediately be connected to one another and can start talking. Conferences with a permanent conference PIN start when the moderator dials in with his moderator PIN.

All participants in the UK dial the number for UK. Conference participants abroad dial the relevant dial-in number for their country. All callers can join the same conference call provided they enter the same conference PIN.

01803 70 10 70

9 ct/min from German landlines, max. 42 ct/min from German mobile networks

0848 560 360

9 ct/min per participant from French networks

0820 4011 5455

Dial-in number from Austrian landlines, 11,6 ct/min per participant

0821 37 37 37

9 ct/min per participant from French networks

Request your personal conference PIN now.
Your room will be ready immediately.

Free participant invitation assistant

We will send you a ready-made template for your invitation e-mail, containing all the important information for your easyAudio conference call (the date and time as well as your conference access data).
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