How a conference call works and what you need to organise one

Organising a conference call is child’s play. All you need is the easyAudio conference call service and, of course, a phone. No other technical equipment is needed.

The way an immediate conference call works

You will be given a personal conference PIN via this website for the use of your easyAudio conference room. The PIN will be generated for you the moment you click the button. This PIN is identical for all participants in your conference call.

Notify your participants of the conference PIN and the easyAudio telephone number. This telephone number is the “dial-in number”. The dial-in number and the PIN are also known as the “conference call access information”. No other reservation, registration or booking is required to get your conference call up and running. The easyAudio conference room is available to you round the clock.

At the appointed time all the participants dial the easyAudio telephone number. An automated message then asks you to enter the conference PIN, which is done simply by using your phone’s keypad.

As soon as at least two participants have dialled in, the conference call starts. If only one participant has dialled in, he or she will be placed on hold with accompanying music until the second participant enters the conference.

Up to 20 participants can attend an easyAudio conference call. Participants can dial in to the conference from a landline or using a mobile phone.

The conference call ends when all participants have hung up.

Please note: the PIN for immediate conferencing is only valid for 72 hours. During this time you can hold as many conferences as you like.

Of course you can request a new PIN via the website at any time, or consider the benefits of a dedicated conference room.

The benefits of a dedicated conference room

If you have a dedicated conference room, you keep a permanent conference PIN. This makes sense if you hold regular conference calls and do not want to be repeatedly sending out PINs to all your participants. But even if you have fewer regular conference calls scheduled, the dedicated conference room saves you from having to request a new conference PIN every 72 hours.

With the dedicated conference room you receive a moderator PIN in addition to the conference (participant) PIN. As the name suggests, this PIN is used by the moderator of the conference, and ensures additional security for your conference call: participants can only speak to one another once you have dialled in to the conference as moderator.

The telephone number is the same for the moderator as for the ordinary participants; only the PIN to be entered is different.

In most cases the organiser of the conference call later becomes the moderator, but it goes without saying that someone may also organise a conference call and then not take any part in it themselves.

All that is required is that all participants are given all the information they need for the planned conference call in good time.

easyAudio also offers a practical participant invitation assistant to help you send out invitations to your conference call participants.

Further useful information for your conference call

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