Some answers to frequently-asked questions about
the easyAudio conference calling service

We have put together some answers to the most frequently-asked questions about easyAudio for you.

If you are looking for further information or need personal assistance, our customer service advisers will be pleased to help. You can find the various ways to contact us on our contact page.

How does an easyAudio conference call work?

You obtain a free conference PIN via our website.This PIN gives you access to your personal conference room, which is available to you round the
clock. No extra bookings or reservations are required.
At the agreed time and date the participants call the relevant telephone numbers for the countries
in which they are located, and enter the conference PIN on their telephone keypad. That’s all there
is to it – the conference call can begin.
Invoicing is through each participant’s individual telephone bill; you do not receive a separate
invoice from easyAudio.You can get detailed information on the individual aspects here:
The way an easyAudio conference call works
Information on “Costs and billing”
Get your personal conference PIN here

When and how often can I use the conference call facility?

easyAudio conferencing is available round the clock.

You can use your conference calls as often as you like.

There is no need to ake an advance reservation or notify us of the time of your conference call.

Do I have to notify easyAudio of the time of my conference or book a time?

No. easyAudio conferencing is available round the clock, with no need to notify us or book a time.

You simply need a conference PIN, which you obtain free of charge via our website.

This PIN enables you to use your personal conference call facility at any time.

Please note that the conference PIN for quick start-up is only valid for 72 hours. On the other hand, your PIN for a dedicated conference room can be used without limit.

What are the technical requirements for a conference call?

There are no particular technical requirements.

You simply need a telephone, with which you call the easyAudio telephone number, then enter your conference PIN on the telephone keypad.

That’s all there is to it – we do everything else for you.

Must I register or log in to be able to hold a conference call?

No, there’s no need to register or log in.

You can hold a conference call immediately with a conference PIN for quick start-up.

Why should I set up a dedicated conference room?

The dedicated conference room enables you to benefit from additional functions – without any extra costs:

– No time limit to the use of your conference call room
– Additional security with a moderator PIN
– Statistics on conference call usage

An additional moderator PIN offers you even more functions.

See also “What is a moderator PIN?”

How can I get support during the conference?

You can get personal help from an operator by pressing the buttons 0# (zero, hash).

Operator support is free of charge and available Monday to Friday from 08:00 to 22:00 hrs.

When does the conference call end?

The conference has ended when all the participants have ended the conversation (hung up).

With a dedicated conference room the moderator may also end the conference for all participants simultaneously by pressing the hash key twice (# #).

How many participants can take part in a conference call?

Up to 20 people can dial in to your conference call per conference room.

Do you need more? Please contact us: you can find the easyAudio contact page here.

How many conference rooms can I use?

There’s no limit. You can use as many conference rooms as you like.

Setting up additional conference rooms is totally free.

Can participants take part in a conference call by mobile phone?

It is possible to participate in an easyAudio conference from a mobile phone. The cost of calling a service number depends on the contract – please ask your network provider.

In Austria there is a separate dial-in number for mobile phone users.

You will find a summary of the international dial-in numbers and costs here:
International conference calling overview

Can participants from abroad also take part in a conference call?

Callers from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the UK, and France can all take part in an easyAudio conference call.

You will find a summary of the international dial-in numbers and costs here:
Conference Calls International

What is the cost of a conference call?

Only 5 p/min (incl. VAT) per participant from a UK landline.

The conference participants and moderator each pay 5 p/min (incl. VAT).

easyAudio conference calls are charged by the minute. There are no set-up or subscription fees.

You will find a summary of all the available international dial-in numbers and costs here:
Costs International Conference Calls

How are calls charged?

The call charges are billed through the participants’ own telephone bills, and depend on the country from which the participant dialled in. You will not be invoiced separately by us.

Further information can be found on the “Costs and billing” page:
Conference Calls – Costs and Billing

What is a conference PIN?

A conference PIN is a seven-digit number that you are given to access an easyAudio conference call.This PIN (= Personal Identification Number) is generated automatically by the easyAudio conference system, which ensures that no duplicate PINs are issued.

To participate in a conference call, dial the easyAudio telephone number. You will be asked by an automated message to enter the conference PIN followed by the hash key (#) on your telephone keypad. You will automatically be put through to the right conference room.

What is a moderator PIN?

When you set up a dedicated conference room (free of charge), in addition to the conference PIN you are also given a moderator PIN.You use the moderator PIN to identify yourself as moderator when dialling in to your conference
call. This gives you additional control functions, which you operate using your telephone keypad:

#1Call up participants’ names: runs through all the displayed names of the conference participants
#2Show number of participants: specifies the number of participants in the current conference
##End the conference: immediately terminates the conference call for all participants
*5Block/unblock the conference room: prevents further participants from dialling in to the conference room – even with the right PIN
*7Switch presentation mode on/off: all other conference participants are switched to mute; pressing *7 again restores to normal mode

Important note:
for security reasons, the conference call only starts once the moderator has dialled in. Until then,
the other participants are on hold with music.

Why can I not use my own PIN?

The conference PINs are generated by our conference system in order to ensure that any PIN is only issued once. This means you can be totally certain that the only participants who dial into your conference call are those to whom you have given the PIN.

Can I change my PIN?

No, a PIN cannot be changed.

However you can request a new PIN free of charge at any time:
Get a new conference PIN.

I have forgotten my PIN; what can I do?

Option 1:You can Get a new conference PIN.

Option 2: You can use the option of having a summary of all your PINs sent by e-mail.
To do this, use our simple “Forgotten your PIN” function.

Please note that we can only send you the PINs for the dedicated conference rooms.
The conference PINs for quick start-up are only available for 72 hours and after that are no longer valid.

How long is my PIN valid for?

The conference PIN for quick start-up is valid for 72 hours. There is no limit to the actual number of conferences, so you can hold as many conferences as you like within that period.

The PIN for a dedicated conference room is valid without limitations. This applies to both the conference and moderator PINs.

Of course you can request a new PIN at any time – or set up a new (or additional)
dedicated conference room.

What control options do I have during the conference call?

As a participant of an easyAudio conference call, you can carry out the following functions. Simply press the following key combinations on your telephone keypad:

*0List all control options: an automated message lists all the available control options
*4Adjust volume: controls your own speaker volume (louder/softer)
*6Mute/unmute: mutes/unmutes your own voice
0#Operator support: calls the operator for individual support

The control commands are automatically transmitted as a dialling signal down the telephone line to
the conference platform.

Can more than one person control the conference call?

Yes. All participants can carry out the above commands via their telephone keypads.